Section 7: Headquarters

7.1 General

The Headquarters group exists to guide and support the efforts of the StrongFirst community in achieving its vision while adhering to its CORE values and Code.

Headquarters consists of the Managing Editor, Bookkeeper, Product & Partnership Developer, Director of Education, Operations Coordinator, Vice President of Marketing, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Chief Executive Officer and Founder/Chairman.

Managing Editor is tasked with curating and editing the StrongFirst blog and assist with sales copy and other projects. The editor will work with various members of the community to procure and edit this content.

Bookkeeper works with the Chief Financial Officer to accomplish the accounting and financial duties of the organization.

Product & Partnership Developer helps us develop new products and build strategic partnerships and affiliations with like-minded organizations.

Director of Education maintains and improves StrongFirst Education (SFG, SFB, SFL curricula, standards and instructors, works with the Chief Instructors on curriculum, and manages StrongFirst Leadership members and promotions.

Operations Coordinator manages a high volume of internal and organizational level communications, facilitates all pre and post-Course and Certification needs and other operational needs of StrongFirst.

Director of Marketing manages the merchandising and marketing efforts, manages customer service issues and assists in operations and planning for StrongFirst.

Director of Community Engagement administers the StrongFirst forum, answers inquiries on StrongFirst social media pages, and manages or escalates issues related to those areas.

Chief Financial Officer manages all aspects of finance, manages the bookkeeper, and advises the CEO & COO on administrative and financial issues.

Chief Operations Officer assists the CEO on all executive duties, assists with planning and marketing and manages and executes operational needs for StrongFirst.

Chief Executive Officer leads the headquarters team in accomplishing its task of guiding and supporting the StrongFirst community and responsible for all aspects of business for StrongFirst, Inc.

Founder & Chairman founded the organization and oversees Instructors, Licensees, Leadership, and Headquarters as they pursue the mission. Also sets the vision for the company, advises headquarters, conducts research and writes books for StrongFirst.

Headquarters is always very busy and is always looking for help from members of the StrongFirst community. If interested in helping Headquarters in any way, please reach out to us via email.