Section 6: The Teachers of Strength

6.0 What it means to be a StrongFirst Teacher of Strength

Our Teachers of Strength instructor team play a crucial role in the success of the StrongFirst community. They lead from the front and lead by example. They set the standard that all other StrongFirst Instructors aspire to be. They embody our CORE Values and live our Code.

All members of our Teachers of Strength are authorized to teach the StrongFirst Workshops. Please connect with your Country Leader to review this process.

Teachers of Strength “Term Limits”—We earn our Teachers of Strength positions everyday by upholding the Code and Values of StrongFirst and working to accomplish our Mission. These are not lifetime appointments and to that end we are implementing a 3-year time frame for our Teachers of Strength positions to be reviewed and renewed.

Our main website ABOUT page highlights our Teachers of Strength. Review HERE.

6.1 Code of Conduct & Standard Operating Procedures


  • As a TOS (Teacher of Strength) these are the three items to complete:
    • Join the Forum!
      • Set up a forum user account
      • A user account is required to have editing permissions for your profile page
    • Instructor Profile Page
      • Set up and edit your profile page. Include a photo
      • Keep your contact details current. Update on your page—they will sync to HQ’s database
  • Add contact form email address to your email account
    • LINK: How to whitelist an email address with Gmail, or Yahoo! Mail
    • This will ensure prospective students emails will find your inbox


  • All TOS members are encouraged to participate in our meetings and phone calls.
  • StrongFirst Headquarters will do its best to inform all TOS members of upcoming calls and meetings in order to give them as much warning as possible.
  • Annual Meeting
    • Frequency: 1 weekend/year
    • Location: rotating
    • Duration: 2-3 days
    • Personnel: Chairman, Executive Consultant, COO, Marketing Consultant and Advisory Board, etc.
  • Quarterly Call
    • Frequency: As needed
    • Duration: 60-120 minutes
    • Personnel: Executive Consultant, COO, Masters, Seniors, Team Leaders
    • Coordinated by Director of Education


  • Teachers of Strength are invited to attend any HQ Certifications free of charge
    • Licensed Events will follow suit
  • Registration
    • You are required to register to attend an event
    • A special code will be provided for registration. Contact the event organizer
      • An email from admin@ will be sent with the code.
      • 20% open spots based on max attendance total. Example: 30 registrations = 6 spots.
    • Attendance etiquette
      • Seating will be in the back rows to allow paying attendees to be seated at the —be mindful of this when attending
    • Support and provide assistant to the event organizer / licensee when asked
    • Be a strong example and ambassador of StrongFirst, our code and values
      • Make other attendees feel welcomed
  • Cancellation policy
    • Due to the limited number of spots reserved at Certifications and Special Events, a penalty fee will be assessed upon cancellation. Notification of cancellation must be emailed to the organizer of the event.
      • *Notice received up to 90 days prior to the event—$250 penalty fee.
      • *Notice received less than 90 days prior to the event—$500 penalty fee.


  •  A competitor is defined simply as an organization or entity that offers a similar or competing kettlebell course or certification.
  • Members of TOS are not authorized to work with or teach for direct competitors, but they are authorized to work or teach for organizations that have aligned themselves or have partnered with our direct competitors. Instructors that are not part of Leadership are authorized to work with these competitors, if they so choose.


Team Leader Instructors are able to lead teams at our Certifications. They are chosen from a list of StrongFirst instructors and hold all of the StrongFirst certifications and an NCCA accredited personal training certification (Country Leaders will work with those in Leadership to determine if they meet the requirements for that country) that have already proven themselves as assistants at our Certifications. Team Leader Instructors*  will have the opportunity to lead a team at a certification as needed by StrongFirst and it’s Licensees. They are also expected to teach at least one StrongFirst Kettlebell Course each year. Team Leaders are expected to submit blog articles for publishing on the StrongFirst Blog (one per year) and to be active on the forum.

Student Extensions: if student requires an extension beyond the original grace period the SOP is:

  • The student’s Team Leader has permission to allow for up-to-an additional 90-days to retest dependent on the issue/situation of the student.
  • Team Leader will use sound judgement when determining the addition extension time.
  • Team Leader will notify DOE/HQ admin and Licensee of extension with student’s details and reason.

Senior Instructors are also able to lead teams at our Certifications. They have distinguished themselves as Team Leaders and are promoted to the rank of Senior Instructors because of their talent as Instructors, embodiment of our Core Values, following of our Code, and commitment to the community. Senior Instructors will have the opportunity to lead a team at a Certification as needed by StrongFirst and its licensees. They are also expected to teach at least one StrongFirst Course each year and are expected to submit blog articles for publishing on the StrongFirst Blog (one per year) and to be active on the forum.

Master Instructors are our most talented, experienced Leadership Instructors. They have distinguished themselves as Senior Instructors and are now able to be the acting Lead Instructor at a Certification. They are trusted with ensuring the curriculum and standards are maintained at an event and responsible for setting the tone at our Certifications. The embody the CORE Values, live and breathe our Code and are committed to our mission wholeheartedly. Master Instructors are expected to lead at least one Certification per year. They are also expected to submit a blog article (2-3 per year) and to be active on the forum.

6.2 Teaching at events


TOS instructors have the opportunity to teach all workshops

  • US TOS instructors
    • Connect with HQ to set up license agreement, registration system details, and how to set up a workshop steps
  • Foreign TOS instructors
    • Connect with your Country Leader to discuss the process of setting up a workshop