Section 4: Products

4.1 Books/DVDs/Posters


Pavel’s earlier works (prior to Kettlebell Simple & Sinister; ‘S&S’) are still owned and published by Dragon Door. It is fine to continue to recommend these titles, though S&S can be recommended as an update to ETK, and it is the perfect book to welcome a beginner to kettlebell training and to StrongFirst’s principles. It also will get a person seriously strong.

Pavel’s newest books are still in process with an undetermined release date.

S&S may be purchased direct from StrongFirst as wholesale: In multiples of 36 at a cost of $10 per book, plus shipping.


Our DVD for purchase is Foundation of Strength, featuring Mark Toomey. It is available on Amazon. It is not available as a digital download.


We have produced a swing technique poster featuring Pavel. At the moment it is not available for sale via wholesale.


Banners will be potentially available here:


4.2 Merchandise

We have two sources for StrongFirst merchandise: Kotis (standard StrongFirst merchandise) and 5.11 (certain 5.11 products branded with the StrongFirst logo).

Orders from the two stores may not be combined.

Apparel with “Instructor” designations may be ordered and purchased through the iBuy store as announced, a couple times each year. We do not hold inventory of these items; they are produced only as they are ordered.


4.3 Training Equipment


The kettlebells sold on our website are the First Place bells by Perform Better. Perform Better handles all shipping and fulfillment of these orders. They are similar to the RKC bells and have color on one side for easier size identification.

The bells are often available for sale at the end of most U.S. Level I and Level II SFG Certifications.

4.4 New Products

We are strong advocates of the basics. Simple (not easy) programming and time-tested tools such as kettlebells, barbells, and one’s own bodyweight. That said, we are always interested in the development of new strength training products, assuming they are in keeping with our system and principles of strength.