Section 2: The School of Strength

2.1 Why: Our Vision

StrongFirst’s vision consists of its mission statement, core values, stated goals, and vision for the future.

They are stated here:

Our Mission: To pursue, practice, and promote strength.

Our Core Values: Strength. Honor. Team.

Our Goals: 250,000 event attendees and 25,000 current Instructors.

Our Vision for the future: To be the leading and enduring authority on strength.

We exist to pursue, practice, and promote the value of strength. We do this because we believe strength has a greater purpose and we know that strength is a master quality.

Strength: We are students and teachers of strength.

Honor: We do the right thing and conduct ourselves with respect and professionalism.

Team: We are committed to our mission, our team, and we are loyal to our school.

Our ‘audacious goal’ is to reach at least 250,000 people with our message. From that, we hope to have 25,000 current Instructors. This is a lofty goal, considering our high standards. But it’s an attainable goal for our future.

We are focused on being the leading and enduring global authority on strength. We will do this through our current and future offerings of events, products, education, and strategic partnerships.

2.2 How: Our Products & Services

To achieve our mission, we must spread our message. We spread this message through our workshops, certifications, professional seminars, R&D department, educational material, merchandise, equipment, marketing efforts, and strategic partnerships.

The events (workshops, certifications and professional seminars) are further defined later along with the educational material, merchandise and equipment.

We will also continue to develop new events, new educational material, new merchandise, new equipment, better marketing and new strategic partnerships all to help us achieve our mission.

2.3 What: Our School

We build strength using powerful tools and universal principles. We have reverse-engineered what the strongest do naturally. We teach men and women how to reach high levels of strength—quickly, safely, and without interfering with their job, duty, or sport.

Our standards are high. We do not chase fads. We are more than a Kettlebell Certification. We are the School of Strength.

We are StrongFirst.

2.4 Who: Our People

As great as our system is, it is our people that set us apart. People, especially our Instructors and Leadership, are the strength of this community.

We are a brotherhood and sisterhood, a community, held together by iron and the conviction that strength has a greater purpose and strength is the master quality.

This community consists of our fans, students, Instructors, Licensees, Country Leaders, SFG Leadership and Headquarters. All of these groups play an important role in us achieving our mission.